Rabobank visits the value chain of Quynh Luu

On March 1-3, 2017, a team of RaboBank correspondents from the Netherlands visited and interviewed the implementation of Rabobank funding to support pineapple farmers in Quynh Luu and Nghe An through VietED Fund. Within the framework of the visit, the Rabobank’s correspondent greatly admired the will of the local people and was impressed by the work that VietED has been doing to help farmers overcome poverty.

Officials from VietED sent a reporter from RaboBank to visit the pineapple forest in Quynh Luu and stopped visiting the pineapple field of Bui Thi Hoa’s family – Borrowed from VietED. The economic development of Quynh Luu (TNXPXDKT). The family has 3 children, 10 children in grade school, kindergarten children. Her husband drove a small truck to produce family and relatives. She has 3 hectares of garden land and 3 hectares of forest land. In addition, she borrows additional forest land to produce pineapple trees. Currently he has 5ha pineapple and this year has harvested 2 hectares.

Bui Thi Hoa is harvesting pineapple in the pineapple field of the family.

His wife and Mr Vinh work together in the pineapple field of his house

Bui Thi Hoa is sharing the story escaping the poverty of his family
Following that, the delegation visited the family of Le Van Vinh. Team 6 TĐTNXPXDKTGroup of brothers and sisters have 2 children are small.Anh people are down here upset. His wife is an ethnic minority. She has 3.6 hectares of pineapple and this year has 1.3 hectares of pineapple harvested. In addition to pineapple he often works as a builder and some other work to support the family.

Finally, the delegation visited the VietED branch in Quynh Thang Commune, Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province. Reporter of RaboBank is very interested in the life of staff in the branch. Individual interviews with officials and also discussed the difficulties and challenges of staff in doing this work.

Picture credit officers are working with clients to borrow funds at the branch
At the end of the survey, two reporters from RaboBank were very happy and sent their deep thanks to VietED staff and customers for their warm welcome.

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