Function & Structure

Licenced to operate at the national level, VietED Group-Growing with Passionofficial name is Viet Community Enterprise Coporation Group”. We called it VietED Group[1] in short. Our vision is “To see happy farmers with sustainable and green earth”. To achieve this vision, VietED Group has developed institutons that provide basic ecosystem in the form of solutions, products and services to the needy.

[1] Founded on March 29, 2010 as D&Tplus Viet Nam; Later renamed as VietED Group on July 20, 2017. The Group will take the date of March 29, 2010 as the establishment date of the Group

The VietED Group’s main functions are:
VietED Foundation: Provides subsidized financial solution for poverty reduction through its crowdfunding tool VietGiving[1]
VietED MFI: Provides financial solution for through sustainable financial inclusion[2]
VietFarmSupport: Provides Agriculture based and farm focused Value chain solution through development of value chain organizations owned by the farmers – Community Based Enterprise-CBe[3]
VietHarvest[4]Provides solution for connecting the CBe farmers to the marketsthrough development of supply chain
VietED Center: Provides Knowledge basedsolution based on research and practical training[5] to the CBes, MFIs, VietHarvest network, donors, funders, governments and other relevant stakeholders

[1] Established in April, 2011
[2] Is a core operation of the Group, running independently and is under Foundation the process of being granted Certificate in August, 2019, and later a license as well
[3] Is a core operation of the Group, running along with VietHarvest Program
[4] Is a core operation of the Group, running independently since August, 2017 and being license by Q1/2020
[5] Established in August, 2010

Organisational Structure:
VietED Group is structured in compliance with current regulation and to ensure effective management. VietED Group structure includes:
I. Board of Owner/BoO: 04 individual
1. Strategy direction

2. Policies and regulations decision
3. Select and recruiment BoD’s member decision
II. Board of Director/BoD: 04 people
1. Strategy direction mgt

2. Relationship, brand-name and resources mgt
3. Regulations, procedures and control system mgt
III. Board of Advisor/BoA and Control: 02 people
1. Internal audit

2. Risk management
3. Policies and Procedures monitoring
IV. Senior Management Team/SMT and Staff: 05 people
1. Business Plan management

2. Organise and management
3. Relationship and customer management


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