Ms. Tuyet Dinh

Ms. Tuyet Dinh: March, 2010-Present
Update by HRA Team on Oct, 2019

Shortlist of Tuyet Dinh is working for VietED Group:

  1. Set-up VietED Group as D&T Plus on 29/03/2010 as co-funder and member of BoD:
    1. From Mar, 2010-Jun/2017: Driving D&T Plus as core group for VietED Group later
    2. From Jul, 2017-Mar, 2019: Transform D&T Plus into VietED Group on 26/07/2017 and lead the BoD and BoE of Group as President and CEO
    3. From Apr, 2019-Present: Restructure of VietED Group and just keep President of Board of Advisor
  2. Set-up VietED Center on 09/08/2010 as Founder, President and CEO:
    1. From Aug, 2010-May, 2019:
      1. Driving and lead VietED Center as President and CEO
      2. Set-up VietED MF Program under Center with Group’s investment then transfer its under VietED Foundation on May, 2011
      3. Set-up VietHarvest Program under Center with Group’s investment
    2. From Jun, 2019-Present: Restructure of VietED Center and just keep Senior Expert Consultant
  3. Set-up VietED Foundation on 24/04/2011 as President and CEO:
    1. From Apr, 2011-2012: Lead VietED Foundation along with VietED MF Program, VietED Center and D&T Plus together focus to key strategy of a Group (as VietED Group right now)
    2. From 2012-May, 2019:
      1. Lead VietED Foundation and VietED MFP follow strategy of VietED Group as President of BoD
      2. Set-up VietGiving Program under VietED MFP’s strategy
    3. From Jun, 2019-Present: Working for VietED Foundation and MFP as Advisor Board