VietED Message of 2019 – “EFFICIENCY AND SHARING”

VietED Message of 2019 – “EFFICIENCY AND SHARING”

As the year 2018 draws to close and 2019 welcomes us, I want to write something for all of you, as is my practice every year. I write to you as you are the blood and sweat of VietED Group and are an inextricable part of myself.

Let me begin with summarizing what went through in 2018:

  1. VietED MFI activities did not go as so big but regardless of the difficult operating environment, we have maintained the performance as we gradually inch towards a formal MFI status. Microfinance is the Group’s flagship activity and I am committed that in 2019 we will be spending more time of the Leadership team to focus on this pillar of VietED Group.
  2. With newly born baby like VietHarvest, we have also been experiencing ups and downs – however we have now largely found the direction in which to proceed have already achieved some remarkable results. In 2019, I personally and the Board of Directors of VietHarvest commit to bring the sustainability to this indispensable pillar of the Group.
  3. VietED Center, in 2018 has shown the strength of growth as we invested in a team of qualified and competent intellectuals who would shape the Strategy of the whole Group. Centre holds a lot of promise of growth in the next year.On behalf of VietED Group’s Board of Directors, I would like to send to all of you for 2019 a message of “Efficiency and Sharing”. This will be a year of preparation for 10 years of VietED birth and development: 2010-2020. The message “Efficiency and Sharing” is as follows:

Efficiency will focus on 05 main points:

  1. About using personnel
  2. About communication
  3. About working methods
  4. About resource management
  5. About work results

Sharing will focus on 03 main points:

  1. About vision and goals
  2. About difficulties and challenges
  3. About results and benefits

Welcome New Year-2019, I would like to send best wishes to all of you and your family. May you have Peace and Warmth in the coming year!!

Date 31/12/2018

Tuyết Đinh; President of VietED Group

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