Safe vegetables Model in Ba Vi – Ha Noi

Nguyen Thi Thuy, 28 years old, lives with her grandmother and her mother-in-law has a child who lives in Dai Hoa village, Tay Dao district, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, Vietnam. In the 4th grade house there are 5 members in the same family, her family has built a house incomplete incomplete because no money to complete next. Ms. Thuy Thanh Hoa is married here, so the family only a few of her husband’s farm. As a child to two mothers have to take care of each other. Everyday, her husband goes to work to improve the life of the whole family, while her mother and her husband take advantage of farming but have to spend four months harvesting just enough to not eat to sell because they do not know how. grow . Although very hard but she can only earn about: 1.500.000 VND / month.

However, since she learned that there was a loan from VietED Fund, she talked with her family to access 01 loan to change the plant on her own land plot. Thuy and other members of the group monthly meet and visit the model of her family and their families and share their experiences and techniques to grow vegetables. Households also posted the notice of sale of safe vegetables in places where traders usually pass. In addition, they also discuss and agree with each other so that members do not sell below the market price. After about 1.5 months, the vegetable garden earned more than three times the income of her family compared to her income before she joined the group.

 Currently, Thuy is determined and eager to do business to earn more income to improve the economy of his family. She is in need of a loan of 25 million VND to invest in growing safe vegetables in new technology. Ms. Thuy is always learning new techniques and experiences, although she is very young, but she is also the hardest and most learned in the group. Mrs. Thuy said during the harvest vegetables sold to traders: “I am very proud of my bunch of vegetables, looking fresh and safe vegetables and also give me a stable monthly income.”

She also thanked VietED Fund for helping her family get out of difficulties, life is gradually improved!

Written by CO Nguyen Thi Tuyen

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