Water & Sanitation Rural


Senior Lecturer: Snow Nails - VietED Center Director, Khanh Le - Project Consultants VietED

Water Project Red River Delta area phase 1 by the World Bank funding (World Bank) was carried out in 4 provinces of Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong. Duration of the project from 2005-2010 and extended to 06/30/2013. Currently, the province is rushing to complete the period of construction, the plant, the items in the project. This is a pilot project for the new model "State Corporation" in which people contribute 10% of the total project cost, the World Bank financed 45% and loans 45% of the funding Project.

In 07 months, and 08/2012 last VietED Center in collaboration with ADCOM-Group successfully implemented 04 training courses "Commune shareholder" for three provinces in the project area is located in Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh and Hai Ocean under the Clean Water Project Red River Delta by World Bank funding.

The training helps the local (commune particular) and they understand the "State Corporation", understand the rights, responsibilities and obligations when using water as the customer has both a equity holders of the Company.

Students participate in leadership training as communes located in the project area (Chairman or Vice Chairman of the society, chairman of the cooperative). As society representatives attending the training, they will be responsible for directing the work of local implementation, directing people to participate, to explain to the people to understand the problems and claims relating to joint-stock companies, meetings and appoint representatives to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders for the local capital in future models.

The training uses new teaching methods (methods of teaching adults, using colored card and join) so that faculty and students to create a close, friendly and sociable. Moreover, with this method students acquire knowledge spontaneously lessons through "discuss" the content of sermons, as "group work" and "sharing best practices" from local themselves to other units, so the classroom atmosphere is always lively, excited and attracted the participation of the students. The issue of student interest, concerns are faculty and representatives of the project (Water Center) in the local settlement clearly sufficient to satisfy the students.

Each training course lasts 02 days, but time was short, but the students understand and grasp the contents of all the activities of a "State Joint-Stock Company" understand "communal Shareholders "activities of the Corporation water in the future, together with experience of the real situation at the local level, the participation of people monitoring and supervision of local authorities. etc.. .

The training course was held in the different provinces, but the students are actively involved, appreciate teaching methods, effective, memorable and persuasive. After each course, VietED faculty, staff ADCOM - Group and organizers are students good reviews, leaving the impression of teaching, training content to learners and leaders the local.

With the success of this course, the next time VietED and ADCOM - Group expected to conduct more training next as financial management, business planning, community consultation survey needs. etc. to enhance the management capacity for staff, successful implementation compnay water & sanitation in rural areas.

Written by Le Van Khanh - Project Consultants