New economic model: hatching eggs and selling

Kieu Thi Thanh was born in 1971 and is currently living in Vi Ye village, Tien Phong commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, Vietnam. Thanh has 3 grandchildren who are going to study her husband, the poor health is hard to work hard at home only few chickens, ducks. The family mainly relied on the money she earned about 2,000,000 from the eggs and hatcheries so the situation is very difficult, lacking.

When she was informed by the Chairwoman of the Commune Women’s Union that there was a loan from the Low Income Household Support Fund to develop the economy. She came to the table with her husband to register for a loan from VietED Fund. On November 4, 2017, the family received the money and they used the money to invest in purchasing more seeds for breeding and adding eggs to the hatchery.

After more than 20 days, her family had a much higher income from incubators than before, and her chickens and ducks increased in number and grew rapidly. Expected chicken and ducks will give you a good amount of money after 3 months of raising. Having income from hatchery, the family’s life is less difficult, the children are able to eat more fully and life is more difficult.

Mrs Thanh said, “Since I have access to this loan, my family has had more stable income than many people. With this momentum I have to hire more people to do anymore because the number of incubation of my house customers order a lot. I am very grateful to Vieted Fund for supporting my family. I am able to borrow money to develop the economy out of difficulties.

Monthly members of the group of Vieted Funds often meet face-to-face meetings to share experience in breeding and cultivation. to help each other out of poverty. Everyone is in love with the business and everyone is looking forward to the VietED Fund to create a condition for each household to borrow another 25 million VND to continue investing in expanding their family’s livestock.

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Written by CBTD Nguyen Thi Tuyen (VietED Ba Vi)

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