Ms. Tuyet Dinh

Ms. Tuyet Dinh: March, 2010-Present
Update by HRA Team on Oct, 2019

Ms. Dinh Thi Anh Tuyet (Tuyet Dinh)
Founder and President of Advisor Board, VietED Group-Holding
Updated on June, 2019 by HRA-VietED Group

Tuyet Dinh holds a master’s degree in MBA from the German Leipzig University and bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the Hanoi National Economics University. Tuyet Dinh has had over 20 years of experiences in community empowerment, particularly with a special focus on microfinance and safe agri-value chain sectors. She had joint as co-founder to build Vietnam MF Working Group/MFWG since 2004 as core-member then Vice President. Currently, she has the role of Head of Control Board in MFWG over 10 years.

Tuyet Dinh has participated in the design and implementation of many development projects. She has attended multiple trainings and exchange programs to disseminate best practices in microfinance and its adaptation to Vietnamese context. She is also one of the founders and developers of an urban microfinance model supported by Save the Children. This was later was transformed into the Binh Minh Limited Liability Company – following the successful on MF service company model of the ICICI Bank in India. With strong belief and commitment with community and social development, Tuyet Dinh and a group of experienced and dedicated professionals established VietED Group with the hope to expand access to services for low-income households and micro-businesses. The strategy of VietED Group covers three areas – Access to Finance, Access to Know-How and Access to Market, with Microfinance being a core strategy.


Shortlist of Tuyet Dinh is working for VietED Group:

  1. Set-up VietED Group as D&T Plus on 29/03/2010 as co-funder and member of BoD:
    1. From Mar, 2010-Jun/2017: Driving D&T Plus as core group for VietED Group later
    2. From Jul, 2017-Mar, 2019: Transform D&T Plus into VietED Group on 26/07/2017 and lead the BoD and BoE of Group as President and CEO
    3. From Apr, 2019-Present: Restructure of VietED Group and just keep President of Board of Advisor
  2. Set-up VietED Center on 09/08/2010 as Founder, President and CEO:
    1. From Aug, 2010-May, 2019:
      1. Driving and lead VietED Center as President and CEO
      2. Set-up VietED MF Program under Center with Group’s investment then transfer its under VietED Foundation on May, 2011
      3. Set-up VietHarvest Program under Center with Group’s investment
    2. From Jun, 2019-Present: Restructure of VietED Center and just keep Senior Expert Consultant
  3. Set-up VietED Foundation on 24/04/2011 as President and CEO:
    1. From Apr, 2011-2012: Lead VietED Foundation along with VietED MF Program, VietED Center and D&T Plus together focus to key strategy of a Group (as VietED Group right now)
    2. From 2012-May, 2019:
      1. Lead VietED Foundation and VietED MFP follow strategy of VietED Group as President of BoD
      2. Set-up VietGiving Program under VietED MFP’s strategy
    3. From Jun, 2019-Present: Working for VietED Foundation and MFP as Advisor Board